Ice Breaker Activities

Ice Breaker activities area a great way for instructors to get to know their students, and for students to get to know one another. As an assessment, this activity helps instructors do a number of things. It can be used for screening (for individualization), selection (for later small group projects) and for diagnosis (to see where students stand in terms of presentation of thoughts and ideas via written communication). Depending on the topic of the course, the ice breaker activity will vary. Below is the ice breaker and response I will use with my Historical Fiction Course.

Historical Fiction Icebreaker

If you could live during any place and time period of your choosing, when would it be and why? How would you fit into this time period? What changes might you have to make to your current life to be successful? What kinds of hobbies and interests might you have to give up? Please return to this forum and respond to at least 2 of your peers. You are not expected to respond to everyone (nor should you), just those that interest you. Please sign your post with your name (what you like to go by), your grade, and your school district. 

My response

If I could live during any time period in any place, I would choose the Colonial period in the United States. Although I’ve always dreamed of living in a castle, the reality is, they were cold, damp and drafty, and just unpleasant! I love the idea of growing my own food and providing for myself and my family naturally. I love the hard work and satisfaction that comes from planting, caring for and harvesting my own vegetables. I would love the ability to stay home to care for my children, and raise them alongside their cousins; to have my family close by on the same farm would be amazing. I also think the clothes from that time period were really amazing! Obviously there are many other things I would have to adjust, such as my constant connection to other people (farms were often miles apart, and you couldn’t get there by car; the telephone was not even a blip on the radar!), but I think the thing I would miss the most would be reading into the late night hours. For one thing, there weren’t as many novels to choose from, additionally I would go through candles like nobody’s business! There are many modern conveniences I would miss, but I would gladly make the trade off for the possibility to raise my family to be close to one another and eat the food they helped to grow.

Ms. Mersand, School Media Specialist, Yorktown CSD