Welcome Letter

Introductory email

Welcome to Historical Fiction, a new online learning opportunity created to help you further develop your research skills as well as explore history through literature. My name is Shannon Mersand, and I will be guiding you on this fantastic voyage! I am a certified School Media Specialist and a certified English Teacher for grades 7-12 in New York State. I want to thank you for taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, and let you know that I am very much looking forward to learning with you! This course will be challenging but practical. The expected time commitment is equivalent to a full class period each day plus any additional time needed for homework completion. Therefore, you should anticipate dedicating at least an hour and a half to this class each and every day. As with anything, what you get out of this experience depends on what you put into it.

With that said, I hope this course will also be fun. It will be a learning experience for me as well as for you. This course will guide you in developing the skills needed to find information, manage information overload, apply information to a task, and make sense of it all. This course will give you relevant research practice for your high school classes and beyond. The skills you learn here will be the foundation needed for research in your education, career, and personal life, and I hope you will have some fun as well!

Below are the instructions to setup your account with Schoology to log in to the course. Once you have logged in, please read through all of the documents in the Welcome and Course Documents folder and complete all activities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

Just one last thing, make sure you are using your @yorktown.org email address, as that is the one I will use to communicate with you. You should be checking your Yorktown email address regularly throughout this course.

Ms. Mersand

Logging In

Go to www.schoology.com

Click on Sign Up

Click on Student

Enter the Access Code
The Access Code for Historical Fiction is [Insert Access Code Here] (I suggest you copy and paste this)

Please fill in all pertinent information. Please be sure to use your Full Name, and  use your school email address when you sign up!

You will then be logged in to Schoology, feel free to explore!