Goal and Learner Analysis

Identifying Task, Purpose and Audience

About Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a blend of Information Literacy Skills and Historical Fiction. Students read works of historical fiction and learn to conduct research by doing activities aligned with the historical fiction pieces. The culminating project allows student to choose their final product, but they must use the inquiry method of research, and it must include conducting historical research and creating their own historical fiction piece (short story, movie, etc) or regular research paper. The course is designed to integrate Information Literacy Skills with historical fiction, as a way for students to explore historical accuracy, context and cultural diversity, while also building the skills necessary to conduct successful research at the college and career level.

Historical Fiction is designed as a high school elective to be offered completely online by either the English or Social Studies department for 10th grade and above. Because the learners are high school students, and likely have little to no exposure to online learning, careful consideration needs to be made to ensure learners do not become overwhelmed by the technology or the activities. Breaking units and lessons down into meaningful, manageable chunks of related content is important to ensure that students do not become glazed over and miss out on important information being delivered. Consideration needs to be given to ensure that chunks of content are broken up by application and practice type activities. It is also important to incorporate a variety of learning activities to address differentiated preference for learning style. A blend of written, audio and video content delivery, coupled with quizzes, discussion, jigsaw activities, individual practice assignments and peer review are important to ensure that students are able to make meaning of content through Absorb, Do and Connect type activities. Absorb, Do and Connect are three ways to interact with information, and are explained more on my Alignment and Sample Assessment pages.

Historical Fiction is designed in such a way that students must take responsibility for their own actions while also working together on collaborative activities that help them build skills that are essential in the 21st century. They will explore different cultures and time periods to help them build an understanding of the world around them while engaging in the creation of content in the form of essays, presentations, and creative productions that exemplify the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the modules. Modules on Copyright and Plagiarism, as well as reading pieces that deal with grave injustices throughout history will help students connect moral and ethical considerations with themselves and the world around them.

Student Population

Students who take this course can be in the general education population. Because of the requirement for self directed learning, it is not recommended for students with time management difficulties. Because of the heavy reliance on written communication, it is recommended that students have strong written communication skills.