Reflective Practice

Reflection is a huge part of learning in any form, and keeping a reflective journal helps learners to create meaning for themselves in their own private space. Reflective practice can also help instructors improve student outcomes as they make continuous improvements to their courses. On my journey through the Certificate of Advanced Study in Online Teaching and Learning, I was able to revisit topics in eLearning that I had not considered in a while, it helped me to reinforce that my practices in eLearning were still appropriate, and allowed me to grow in areas where I needed improvement. Throughout each course I kept a reflective journal about the course work and how it fit in to my understanding of eLearning. I have compiled those reflections into a single blog, with the the exception of eLearning for Educators, which asked for an edited single reflective piece at the end, so although I did reflect weekly, the remaining artifact I have is the final edited reflection.